Why A Multi-Use System?

A Simpler system that can save you money.

This system is so simple and easy to use. The only reason for not using it is you just haven’t tried it. Just buy the adaptor for your torch and than buy replaceable tips for the adaptor. This saves you money because your only replacing the tip on the adaptor not the hole tip. If you have to switch tips for different applications you just change the adaptor tip not the hole tip. Depending on the tip this can save you as much as 60%.


  1. All Adaptors fit all Tips
  2. You only need one adaptor per torch.
  3. Tips come in any size needed.
  4. All tips are fast and easy to change.
  5. Cleaning of tips is fast and easy.
  6. Tips are made to exact standards.
  7. Tips are made of highest quality materials.
  8. Tips and adaptors are made for all gases.


  1. Low start up cost.
  2. Virtually elimates torch reseating.
  3. Cuts the cost of inventory substantially.
  4. Just change the tip and heat, cut or weld using the same torch.
  5. Cuts down time which in turn increases production.
  6. Significantly cuts replacement cots.

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